Highland Whisky Academy

At the Highland Whisky Academy we aim to introduce Whisky lovers from around the world to our fantastic heritage of North East Whisky and tradition.

A wonderful week of in-depth whisky experiences await you as we tour Aberdeenshire and Speyside, taking in beautiful views and tasting delicious drams.

A fully interactive and immersive week is on offer from a highly experienced and skilled team of whisky enthusiasts, more than ably assisted by our team of guest speakers.

On the course you will learn:

  • How important Water is to the whisky making and tasting process
  • The science behind the Barley - Aberdeenshire produces over half of all the barley used in Scotch Whisky production - we talk directly to the men who grow it
  • Nosing and Tasting - A highly skilled and in-depth look at our own senses and how you can enhance your own experience of whisky
  • Whisky Production - From the producers themselves, you will learn the production process of 5 different distilleries
  • All about Sherry - we have our own Sherry sommelier on hand to guide you through a stunning array of Sherry from Jerez
  • Inside the Cask - a visit to the Speyside cooperage where you meet the men who make the barrels that are so important to the final flavour of our famous Scotch whisky.
  • The Whisky Bar - We visit one of Scotland's most famous Whisky Bars and chat with the owner on how to select, source and sell some of the best collections in Scotland.
  • Starting your own Distillery - it’s not easy! We have one of our newest and most local distillers on hand to help guide you through the trial and error process of starting your own distilling project
  • The Independent Bottler - one of Scotch Malt Whiskies most famous Independent bottlers will be talking you about the wonderful world of Independent bottling and it’s place in the market.

To book your place on this Exciting new adventure please contact us below for full details, prices and payment details.


The Highland Whisky Academy


AB51 4UZ


[email protected]

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