We have confirmed the following Guests at the

Highland Whisky Academy, with more to follow!

The Highlander Inn's

Tatsuya Minagawa

Tatsuya Minagawa, born in Japan, worked at the Highlander Inn from 2005 until 2012 and then returned in 2015 and purchased the business from Duncan Elphick in April 2015.

A barman all his life, with the exception of a 3 year stint as Brand Ambassador for the Japanese Whisky Suntory, 'Tat' is well positioned to offer his views on what makes a great whisky bar that people will be willing to travel to to drink at.

We will sit with Tatsuya at the Highlander Inn in Craigellachie and lunch will be served with 3 drams chosen by Tatsuya. This will be followed by a Question and Answer session - so have your questions at the ready!

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Vic Cameron

Vic Cameron is a man that needs little introduction in whisky circles. From his 23 years at Diageo, working in both malting and distilling roles, he is the perfect man to take us through the Malting process in great detail.

Now running his own whisky consultancy, Discerning of Spirits, Vic is still fully immersed in the whisky industry, passing his knowledge, passion and infectious character on to those who are all to ready to listen.

Vic's charisma and knowledge make him a wonderful addition to our already stacked who's who line up of Whisky tutors at the Highland Whisky Academy.

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'The Whisky Doc'

Dr Paul McLaughlin

The Whisky Doc, Paul McLaughlin has dedicated his spare time to learning and teaching his fellow Canadians about the world of Whisky. Fast becoming a respected and regular attendee to Scotlands shores in search of more knowledge, Paul is also a good friend of ours, having shared many whisky tales and courses together. A dentist by profession, The Whisky Doc’s speciality is your nosing and tasting capabilities and how to hone them. Paul will be guiding you through our Olfactory senses during your week with us in Scotland.

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Paul is also a Certified Tutor of the Whisky Ambassador Course in Canada

Annie B's

Annie Manson

Annie Manson, from Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen is a born and bread Garioch Quine. A direct descendant of John and Alexander Manson, founders of the Glen Garioch distillery, Annie was born with whisky coursing through her veins. Her speciality though, is Sherry. Annie organises Sherry tours in her home region of Jerez, and will be with us this week to talk to you all about one of Scotch Whiskies favourite partners, as she guides you through some of Spain’s finest sherries and Bodegas, their production methods and flavours.

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Little Brown Dog Distillery's

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is a well known and respected member of the whisky world. Having worked in one of Scotlands finest Whisky hotels, Andrew diverted into vet school and now is a director of his own practise. Recently however Andrew has come full circle with his own distillery and independent bottling brand - Little Brown Dog. Andrew has worked as a whisky consultant on numerous new builds and is often seen making friends around the world at Whisky Festivals. Andrew will be guiding you through his experience of setting up a distillery from scratch and building it into a successful business.

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